Wind power, Art, and a new XR Uprising

Wind power, Art, and a new XR Uprising

An increased rollout of onshore wind turbines across Europe could technically provide the continent with more than 10 times its existing electricity needs, according to a new paper.

Five winners of the Turner prize are demanding an end to BP’s sponsorship of the National Portrait Gallery, stepping up the campaign against big oil’s involvement in the arts.

Extinction Rebellion announce a new 5 days of civil disobedience in 5 UK cities.

Summer Uprising – ACT NOW! – Extinction Rebellion

🌞 Summer Uprising – ACT NOW! 🌞 🍄 Codename Project Mushroom 🍄 Starting Monday 15 July, we rise up in an organic, decentralised and coordinated action with one main message: ACT NOW! Throughout the week, rebels will disrupt central spaces in five cities with the support of local groups from across the UK: * Bristol …

And the WTF prize goes to the jokers of the week, Heathrow Airport as it says it is worried climate change will cause problems to its planned third runway.


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