Cinco de Mayo playlist

Cinco de Mayo playlist

Las Cafeteras have made a playlist to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (5th of May).

On May 5th, 1862, the Mexican forces (primarily Indigenous) defeated the French invaders. So boom, Natives sending colonizers back where they come from? We already love it. Now once news of the victory arrived in California, Californios celebrated the first documented Cinco de Mayo celebration. But why?

For California Latinos, the Battle of Puebla was a win for two wars. They knew both the Confederate South & the French invaders were allied to expand slavery throughout the continent. These Californios & Latinos from Chile to El Salvador who arrived during the gold rush; they knew if the South won the civil war, what little rights they did have in California would soon disappear. France was like the Confederate Army’s big older brother. So the French loss on May 5th was a sign for Latinos in the U.S. that the Confederates could be beaten.

Cinco de Mayo in Cali

Listen on Spotify: Celebrate Cinco the way it was meant to be celebrated.

More on the history of this celebration here

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