Ladonna Tamakawastewin BraveBull Allard

Ladonna Tamakawastewin BraveBull Allard

Allard one of the leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s fight against the Dakota Access pipeline, a Standing Rock Sioux tribal citizen and an undisputed Lakota historian, passed away on Saturday from brain cancer. She was 64.
A fitting tribute from Reverend Billy & The StopShopping Choir
Honoring Ladonna Tamakawastewin BraveBull Allard who died Saturday April 10th. To stop the Dakota Access Pipeline she founded Sacred Stone on the land where she and her family lived for generations. The camp grew into Standing Rock, the largest gathering of indigenous people on Earth. Here are some words from Ladonna

I was talking to some environmental groups and they said, how did you guys gather all of those people to do this? We’ve been doing environmental stuff for 40 years.
And I said bad things to them. I said, You don’t love the Earth. You love a cause. We are not a cause. This is life. It is not a cause; it is not something we put over here and go home and watch TV every night. It is our lives, every day. Every day we have to pray. Every day we have to sing. Every day we have to have this connection. When you have those, you have healing and self. When you have healing and self, then you become a whole person. Then you can do anything. Save the world.
They always said, ‘What do you want to do, LaDonna?’ Save the world. One toenail at a time. (laughter) Because that’s all I’ve got.

THANK YOU LADONNA for all that you carried. We will keep on!

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